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Historics Festival 38 (Lime Rock Park) - September 2020

Lime Rock Park’s Historic Festival, year after year, has always been something we eagerly looked forward to since before photography or Super Ride Media was even a thought. Labor Day weekend set as the stage for almost five full days of automotive excellence, including a parade of cars from the track into Falls Village, three days of racing, camping, a midway with for swap meet vendors and the famous Sunday in the Park car show that fills the track from start to finish to top it all off. Each year a different marque or group of marques is typically highlighted during the event, bringing out some of the rarest, most unique and even one off cars. World famous racecar drivers and other motorsport greatness are also in attendance to accompany some of these historic automobiles, taking laps around the track for all to enjoy.

With most events this year being cancelled it almost looked like it was going to end with the same fate for HF38 however LRP pulled through! Understandably the event had to have some limitations, spectators and camping were cut out of the weekends festivities. However the entry list of cars for competition was still packed with an outstanding lineup and even included an exhibition hour still. Eight racing groups in total, from Pre-war cars, sports cars of the 50’s and 60’s and Formula Fords to GT cars of the 80’s and 90s up to today’s Mazda Miata series there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our ticket in this year was via our friends at Max Power Motors, who we coincidentally met over a decade ago during the Sunday in the Park show. The team entered four cars this year in four different groups. A tall task for the team but even more for their driver, Michael Jacobellis, who would be pedaling each car himself with some cars in back to back groups. Saturday was our day trackside and we highlighted the two Porsche entries, the 356 and 964. Both racing groups had tight competition for Max Power Motors, each with a stunning array of cars in class.

Below are over 800+ photos from the parade on Thursday and racing on Saturday. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will leave you here to enjoy. If there are any photos you’d like to take home with you today, find the Purchase tab above for both mobile and full quality downloads.

AER American Endurance Racing (Lime Rock Park) - August 2020

American Endurance Racing (AER) finally made its way to our home track, Lime Rock Park! After an entire 2020 season of no racing and very little automotive fun for Super Ride Media, we were delighted to join the Mostly Motorsport Team on Saturday to cover their attempt at taking home the checkered flag first.

AER is a multi-class series, similar to IMSA or WEC style racing however in AER the separation between classes is dependent on a team’s performance in qualifying rather than the car’s engine displacement among other things. Each event typically covers two day, with up to nine hours of racing each day (yes, that’s up to nine hours of flag to flag racing and as you’d expect some cars don’t make it to the finish). Mostly Motorsport had a rough first day, blowing a motor in their Mazda RX7 within 20 minutes of Friday’s race (Super Ride Media was not present that day to provide coverage). You can’t knock these guys out though, as they packed up and returned the next day with an entirely different car. They showed up Saturday in a car they’ve done a season or two in, their BMW 3 Series. After dropping a new, fully built engine into the 3 Series a few seasons back, they manage to quality in the second highest class, Class 4. However because of their DNF on day one, they had to start at the back of the pack for Saturday’s race.

The green flagged waved as the entire grid raced toward Big Bend to start to race. Mostly Motorsport driver and 3 Series owner, Peter Stofa was at the helm and had a bit of work to get up into their Class 4 grouping of competitors. Working through the lower classes as those ahead tried to stretch their lead. Just as they had issues early on the day before, some other teams also showed signs of trouble causing early pit stops and some re-entering the paddock for more extensive work. Racing always has its crashes as well and unfortunately some other teams got tied up during the first few hours of the day’s event. Two Porsche 944s collided on the uphill resulting in an explosive crash, leaving both cars totaled. Luckily their drivers were able to step out of their cars and seemed to have no injuries, however their cars would make it seem otherwise.

Eventually Mostly Motorsport had some troubles of their own, breaking a rear wheel stud causing. The repair could not be made on pit lane meaning the crew had to bring the car back to the paddock to replace the broken stud. Losing valuable time on track, these repairs are always time critical. Luckily the race field had drawn a caution during that time which saved a few laps for competitors to gain more on an advantage. They fixed the stud and got back out just after the caution on track was lifted.

The 3 Series could last about an hour and a half on Lime Rock’s 1.5 mile circuit before having to come in for more fuel. AER rules state that five pit stops must be made during the duration of the day’s race, being that this was an 8 hour race. We (SRM) covered two of the day’s pit stops, both of which went well however there is always room for improvement. A lot goes on during the stop, from refilling fuel, driver change which includes seat inserts and water bottle change. Tire pressure, oil levels and other checks are made as well and there are rules for what can be done and when. Even if they were able to get all of that done in a matter of minutes AER rules also state that the pit stop must last a minimum of three minutes (the team’s times were hovering around five minutes however).

After the last pit stop was made it was a fight to gain any position they could before the checkered flag waved. A hard battle throughout the day didn’t leave promising results however charging hard till the end was and always will be the only option. Making it to the end of an eight hour race is a testament to the car, crew and drivers considering many do end up dropping out along the way. When the Mostly Motorsport’s 3 Series crossed the line however they were 7th in class and 29th overall.


These guys will be back in AER action at the next event at Thompson Motor Speedway in a couple weeks to try their skills again and battle it out for that top spot! Be sure to check out all the images from Saturday’s race at LRP. Click the link here or find the Purchased tab if you’d like to download any of the images in the Gallery below.

Caffeine & Carburetors (Waveny Park) - October 2019

The last Caffeine & Carburetors of the season always seems to be the biggest and for good reason. With the car season coming to a close everyone was trying to get out and enjoy it one last time.  As with any C&C the show was full swing by 7:30am, with cars still pouring in at a high rate. This time Waveny Park in New Canaan was the location, a perfect place to display the under the foliage on the cool Autumn morning. As always, the volunteers directed each car to their designated location, Porsches always flooding the lower section while the marque era cars taking center stage in the courtyard and everything else stretching out into the surrounding fields. 


It's that prime time, just walking into the courtyard during the start of a car show, first view of the cars on hand; saying Hello and Good Morning to other enthusiasts, photographers, owners, and drivers. From far down the entrance hill a series of loud revs stops most conversations immediately, causing everyone to turn and take notice as a Lamborghini race car pulls into the courtyard.  It was Matthew Ivanhoe from the Cultivated Collector garage in the 1994 Krohn-Barbour Murcielago R-GT. Ivanhoe later said, "I needed to blip it constantly to keep it from loading up. It gets very unhappy going slow." Having seen this car race in period at Lime Rock Park I had been somewhat aware of how loud the V12 scream can be, but the fact that we were in a park versus a paddock was a game changer. The phrase "Bull in a China Shop" couldn't fit more perfectly. Then the moment the engine was cut everything went silent. I don't think anyone could talk during his entrance so once he stopped everyone was speechless, you could almost hear a pin drop.

After having calmed down from the excitement of possibly the best C&C entrance this year, maybe even of all time, we moved through some of the other highlight cars from the morning. The Cultivated Collector crew also brought a Jaguar XJ220 and a Lancia Rally 037 to accompany the R-GT. The Redline Restorations team came with their absolutely immaculate one-off, 1927 Erdmann & Rossi Mercedes-Benz SSK and the 1952 Nash Healey Le Mans Race Car which has been on a nationwide tour winning numerous awards at each Concours it enters. Something new to my eyes and likely to be my personal favorite from the mornings selection, the 1949 Veritas BMW Rennsport, who's driver arrived in full fashion with driving cap, goggles and gloves. Moving through the Porsches, it became hard to pull away from each one to move to the next. Each with its own bit of unique details or rare quality to drool over. 

Before cars had finished pulling in and parking for the morning other cars had already begun to make their way out. Posted up near the exit of the courtyard where most of the cars had to pass before leaving was the best vantage point to see more from the mornings participants. As the cars thinned out the people lessened as well, soon to leave handfuls of cars left in different pockets throughout the park, others being loaded and trailers and the rest moving toward every exit of the park. The C&C season ended with another great show, great cars and great passionate people to enjoy early Sunday morning with. We can only expect great things to come next year for the first show of the year, as it seems the thought of not driving for a while really brings out the masses. 


Driven to America 3 - October 2019

Sunday morning started as many do, waking up before dawn to make our way to another car event, near or far. This time the GPS was set for the Fort Hill Estate, Long Island. As the darkness cleared the clouds above still loomed during the drive down. After getting off the exit for Lloyd Harbor we moved through town and approached the estate entrance, just as the sun started to peek out through a thin clearing in the clouds on the horizon. As we walked onto the Driven to America 3 show field, most of the Porsches had already been arranged in their respective sections and others still driving in and parking.

          - At almost every show this is quite possibly my favorite moment, the moment where you are witnessing the cars               on display for the first time, taking it all in at once then trying to decide which direction to take your next step.

On this particular Sunday morning our next steps were in the direction of two Porsche race cars. First being a Porsche 910 and the second being the Porsche 908/2, which was driven by the 2018 special guest Joe Buzzetta. These two Porsches were certainly stars of the inaugural DTA3 event, however since we did not attend then, these cars drew us in like magnets. Along side those two, a 718 RS 60 Werks race car, ex Stirling Moss.


Capturing the last bit of the morning light before the sun rose into the clouds, we made our way through the field of vintage 911s. Being a show dedicated to Max Hoffman and bringing the Porsche marque to America, it was expected that there would be great selection of each model type. From a 1967 factory racing 911, to 964 and 993 RS models, to a brand new GT2RS in an outrageously gorgeous Chromaflair Urban Bamboo (a color that changes from every angle and in different light). There was a model for each iteration of the 911 in attendance, some in rare PTS colors as well.

The Fort Hill Estate was a perfect backdrop for this years event and the way David and the DTA team choose to separate the cars made for a great flow from one section to the next. Stepping off the lawn on the driveway at the top of the cliff side the garage area displayed all the 356 models, coupes and convertibles. One of which being the 1955 356A driven by Lake Underwood, brought to the show by his son, Lake. We had the pleasure of meeting with Lake and sharing some stories with him as well during our time at the show. 


As our laps around the different sections approached double digits we decided to depart. Discussing all the cars we had just seen and the people we shared conversations with on our way home. Enjoy all the photos from the event below, if any really strike you eye they can be purchased in the PURCHASED tab above! 

Caffeine & Carburetors - September 2019

Caffeine & Carburetors time and time again puts on not just a car show, but a real gathering of people genuinely passionate about all things automotive. I've said it over and over, even if you're not a car person there is a car here for you. The show happens a handful of times a year, either on the streets of New Canaan or at Waveny Park, not too far down the road. 


This was the third event of the year, this time held on the Streets outside Zumbach's Coffee. We arrived early as signs were being hung up and the first cars started pulling down the road to park. Shortly after, the JP Logistics trailer parked and started the process to unload the six cars Miller Motorcars had brought to display. This created a bit more of a struggle for the seasoned volunteers to get the hundreds of cars parked in a timely fashion. After what seemed like an hour, the six cars (A Detamaso, three Bugattis, a Pagani, and an Aston Martin) had been unloaded and the trailer was left to try and squeeze its way out through the now very packed show. 

Perfect time to fly I thought! I became a drone hobbyist because of car shows and truly enjoy the perspective from above, looking at everything going on all at once.  After two short flights I walked to the far end of the show to see who and what else had showed up, getting stopped numerous times on my way. With the show coming to an end and the cars beginning to line up and leave it's always nice to watch as they pull off down the road. Something about the sound and smell of all the cars as they pull off into the distance, really makes for an enjoyable set of moments.

One more show on the C&C calendar for the year, next Month at Waveny Park to close out the season. SRM will be there in full force as always so don't miss out! Check out the gallery below and the recently added purchase page to buy your own digital copies of any images you really enjoy.

VIR - IMSA 2019

VIR was not originally a planned stop for SRM however when oppertunity comes you have to strike, so we did! First time visiting Virginia International Raceway and it was great to be able to see another stop on the IMSA series while doing it. With GTLM/GTD race as the headliner the LMP3, TCR/GS, Porsche GT3 Cup and Lamborghin Super Trofeo race series were also in attandance as support classes. 

The race weekend started on Friday for SRM, hot and humid after a night of heavy rain left the conditions rather damp but drying fast. Exploring the track with almost non stop action from all classes made the day fly by, before getting to the "roller coaster" the skies had turned. Qualifying for the support series was cancelled due to another evening of heavy rain and the next day looked to be rainy as well.


As we got back to the track the rain continued but only a little drizzle on and off throughout the day. Still made for some slippery conditions for the drivers on track and it showed with the amount of spin offs that occurred in each session. Luckily most cars were able to pull away on their own will however the same was not true when  the days first race got under way. On the forth or fifth lap of the TCR/GS race the rain picked back up, cars slowed down causing them to bunch up. Once the pack crested the top of the "roller coaster" it was all breaks with three or four cars spinning off track. Two cars towed away, tire wall rebuilt and the race was back on. The excitement did not end though, with the battle for first  very tight between the Mclaren and Mustang ensuing. A position change after the first turn on one of the few remaining laps put the Mustang in the lead for the final lap. A caution stopped the race and allowed for one last shot at the win, it really was up in the air who would keep it together. Unexpectedly a Porsche under cut the leaders in the third turn and punted the McLaren off track resulting in a penalty which left the KOHR Mustang to take the checkered flag!


With a new day brought a new degree of weather, a kind that ended up being the best of the entire weekend, sunny with  a nice breeze. Two supporting races in the morning followed by the main IMSA GT race in the afternoon. Kicked off the afternoon activities with the grid walk before the green flag dropped.  Porsche #911 car made a leap from sixth to second on the first turn and the GTLM cars slotted into doubles for most of the race. Porsche, Porsche; Vette, Vette, Ford, Ford; BMW, BMW. The GTD cars battled between the cautions as the race grew shorter, leader changes occuring frequently. As the race came to can end the final Porsche sat on top, one and two for GTLM and the Wynn's Mecedes snuck in for the GTD win! 

Check out the full gallery from our time spent at VIR for IMSA weekend!