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Historics Festival 39 (Lime Rock Park) - September 2021

HF39!! This has become my favorite of the three major events that take place at Lime Rock Park each year. With the full class of IMSA cars (LMP/DPi included) no longer making the journey to our home track, Historics Festival has taken the thrown. Some will say the racing isn't as intense or the cars aren't as fast, however as I eventually learned, this can be far from the truth. Not only is the racing just as fun, fast and competitive as some other racing events which take place at LRP but Historics Festival takes place on the long holiday weekend of Labor Day and provides different activities to enjoy each day.

One of the best things that returned to HF39, the stop in downtown Falls Village during the Thursday Parade. With last year's parade cutting out the stop in town due to Covid 19, it was great to return to the streets and gather for what feelings like a Sunday morning cars & coffee. Combine that ambiance with a warm summer afternoon, add ice cream, a jazz band playing in the background and a few stilt walkers and you have yourself the best way to start a Historics Festival race weekend!

Friday kicks off the first round of racing. Twelve classes, separating the entrants into groups that pay homage to their historic period correct competition (or as best fits). Beginning with the pre-war era cars, the open wheel Alfas and Bugattis. Moving through one of my favorite eras of racing, the 50s and 60s, when cars were all rolling art. Maseratis, Jaguars, Ferraris and more Alfas, even the lovely Porsche 356 all keep my attention longer than most other cars going around. As the historic clock moves forward, some of the fastest cars one track were made. Cam Am and Big Boar V8s scream through the hills at LRP, clocking some of the fastest times to date. Soon we expect to see some of the cars from the early IMSA GTP days to start joining the HF ranks!


This years Marque was none other than Porsche, which not only separates an entire racing class for just cars of that manufacturer but it also brings in some of the best collector cars for the Concours that takes place on Sunday too. With Connecticut's odd Blue Law, Lime Rock has always kept the fans happy with this show to break up the weekend's activities. Lining almost the entire track with cars on both sides, the front straight holds the Concours event and the rest of the track consists of cars there for the weekend or those that drove in just for the day. The Harris collection provided most of the 911 RS models that Porsche has released over the years. Glickenhaus brought out the SCG004 race car. Finally, one car that was much newer than most others might have stolen the show however. The Mercedes Benz CLK GTR road car had drawn quite the crown no matter where it was parked throughout the weekend and it was a pleasure to have gotten another great look at this beautiful machine.

HF40 is set to be another great event at LRP, one I would suggest everyone mark down on their calendars for 2022!

The Vintage Motorsports - September 2021

The Vintage Motorsports is a local garage here in CT, specializing in Backdraft Cobra builds and other American classics. They brought us two cars this year that were crossing the auction block, the 1967 Custom Fastback Ford Mustang & the Valkyrie Backdraft build. The Mustang felt right at home at the horse stables, cruising between the white fences with the countryside in the background. As for the Valkyrie, something a little more rugged was in order to compliment the details in this build. 

If vintage muscle is your speed, these guys have the medicine for your illness. Looking forward to seeing what the Vintage Motorsport team shows up with next, it might just be the perfect build for you!

Castle Party - 2021

Another year goes by, another Castle Party to see what The King , VTM and their court have gathered for us to enjoy! What started off as a small, private event to kick off the Dreamride festivities for the day, quickly became a large scale private event showcasing some cars for the first time in the US, hosting big names in the industry and even seeing some non-car related surprises as the years go on. Dreamride, being the weekend car event that takes place in Farmington, CT thrown by Mike Bozzuto and his large team to help raise money for the Special Olympics. This event has quickly become one of the largest shows in the Northeast during the car season. 

The back section of the driveway has become the landing zone for only the highest dollar and rare cars around. A slew of Paganis is always expected, from Huayras to BR Roadsters and every model in between, even an early Zonda was in attendance. Two of the three "Speedsters" recently released from the top brands also found their way to the back lot. the Ferrari SP2 and the McLaren Elva. Bugatti is a must at any castle event, but as always it cant just be one or a standard model. This year Miller Motorcars brought the new Chiron SuperSport model, the worlds fastest production car currently. Another top speed contender who couldn't be left out, Koenigsegg. The Kings personal Agera XS was joined by an early model CCX sporting a clean shade of silver. With many other cars making the covetted list, one I was most excited about were the only two Porsches to make it in this year. The Mirage GT, a Carrera GT based Uwe Gemballa creation and The Marsien, a 911 based creation done by the son of Uwe, Marc Philip Gemballa. Some other highlights at the castle, included a great breakfast platter, which we have all come accustomed to and had a dessert table to boot this year. As if that wasn't enough, a mobile ice cream truck was in the driveway allowing anyone to make their own sunday to enjoy too.  

As the cars depart and head to Dream Ride, another Castle Party chapter closes. Always excited to see what future gatherings bring though!

Watkins Glen - IMSA 2021

"The Glen". Being only a handful of hours away from Watkins Glen, it's sometimes hard to figure out why 2021 was the first time being here for an IMSA race. If I had to say, I think we were somewhat satisfied in the early years seeing the entire ALMS field at our home track. After the years went on, the want to be around racing (specifically ALMS/IMSA racing) grew and with that came the desire to go to more events. It seems it took a few years of visiting further away tracks first before we made our voyage to "The Glen" however. Traditionally, myself and my father have camped at Lime Rock Park during the ALMS/IMSA race weekends since I can remember. Being within that 5 hour driving distance it seemed that would be the only difference for as far as planning/packing was concerned between the two. With our bags packed, we made our way to our first IMSA race weekend at 'The Glen"!

The weekend was stacked with racing! Porsche Cups racing, Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing, Michelin Pilot Challenge and the Weathertech Championship all happening in three days. To add to that, the weather forecast for the weekend was just as nice to look at as the field of cars ready to take the track. With the recipe for a great race weekend in the works, I got right into the action shooting from some spots I'd previously thought about shooting IMSA racing at. Corners like Turn 9, cresting the hill and darting toward the Turn 10 grandstands or panning through the trees as the cars race down the laces of "The Boot". Eventually making my way to the outside of "The Bus Stop" to capture some cars bouncing through as they thread the needle between the kerbs. Watkins Glen is one of the best tracks to shoot as a spectator and being able to find different shots in some of these iconic areas without credentials (even to just view the action from these places) will always be exciting as both a fan and photographer, something I hope never changes in the sport.


After covering the entire track back to front and front to back (using my car and mountain bike as transportation most of the time) I was able to figure out a plan for Saturday's qualifying and races. One team I was particularly excited to see on track, FCP Euro, who brought out their new Mercedes AMG GT4 to compete in the Michelin Pilot Challenge. FCP Euro are our "hometown" team and it's been a great ride watching them tackle motorsports over the years, finally landing them in one of the most highly competitive series here in IMSA. Fighting some tough challenges this season, they were no strangers to trouble and it seems that trend continued to follow them here at "The Glen" this weekend too. Starting the race in 14th place, drivers Nate and Michael were going to have to really put down consistent laps and a dialed strategy during cautions. Unfortunately, Nate was caught in a high speed spin on the uphill in Turn 3, dropping the car to the back of the field having to come into the pits for repairs. They were able to get back on track, but could not make up the deficit and crossed the finish line in 26th place. Don't count these guys out for the season though, they will keep fighting as they always have!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! Something we're not normally used to being a Lime Rock Park native... being that said we 100% love the extra day of racing we are also normally used to. One of the recent big-time pulls to "The Glen" is that the DPi/Prototype cars attend, completing the field for even more cars on track. With Watkins Glen being a longer track than some of the others visited during the season (including Lime Rock Park) we have to travel a little further to see this top level of racing. Ricky Taylor, driving the Konic Acura DPi led everyone across the line to start the 6 Hours followed by the other Acura, the four Cadillacs and finally the Mazda completing the DPi field. Mid-field the GTLM cars had dueling pairs of BMWs & Corvettes with the Porsche 911 being the odd man out. Worse off, Cooper MacNeil had to pull the Weathertech Porsche off the track after just two laps due to a fire that started in the car, terminating their time on track. 

The racing in each class throughout the 6 Hours saw several different crashes and mechanical failures resulting in cautions, pit stops and position changes. The GTD Class in recent years has become the most exciting class to watch as the leader changes several times and isn't just a battle between two cars. Starting the GTD field in 4th place (29th overall), the Turner Motorsport BMW M6 took home the Class win over the large field of competitors including Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin and Lamborghini. The BMWs split the field in the GTLM Class though, giving the win to the Corvette C8. *Another car we were very happy to see for the first time this season! Finally, taking the overall win, Team Mazda!! I don't even think Mazda themselves thought that was going to be the outcome when they started the race. In fact, during the Fan Walk prior to the race I had wished the crew the best of luck in the days race, to which one replied, "We're going to need all the luck in the world to get this one". 

Happy to have seen these guys take the win after what seemed like an impossibility to them at the time. Also, this being the last time SRM might see the Mazda competing, it was good to watch it end on top ...and just like that, we're back home and ready for the next weekend of racing! 

Champ Car Series - Watkins Glen - May 2021

Back at The Glen in 2021! Our friends at Mostly Motorsports brought their RX7  & Rosmar Racing sporting a pair of Miatas hit the 3.4 mile road course along with over 100 other cars for back to back 8 hour races over Memorial Day Weekend. This one was a good one!

Unload and Tech Inspection, how the start of every race weekend starts after arriving to the track. Tech line snaked out of the garage, stretched the length and then some for what seemed like the whole morning. Typically the time where teams will catch up with each other, gauge the competition and make any needed adjustments before practice begins. This day brought an unexpected competitor out for practice to intimidate the entire field... rain! A lot of it. Personally I don't think I'd seen cars on track in such a heavy downpour. My visibility of cars on track was little to none at more than 100ft from the fence, I couldn't imagine diving into Turn 1 following a set of brake lights or going around the toe of the boot behind endless rooster tails. With a small field of willing participants and the rain showing no signs of letting up, eventually the day was cut short though. 

Saturday SRM was away from the track unfortunately - however Rosmar's two Miatas and Mostly Motorsport's RX7 all finished the race.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The sun was shining down on a slightly smaller field from the day before but numbers still exceeded 100 cars. Rosmar Racing started front row, one and two. Diving into Turn 1 after the green flagged waved they were quickly overtaken by a pair of Mitsubishi Eclipses after heading into the uphill. Mostly Motorsport, racing in a different class, started after Rosmar. Being in the faster class, the RX7 was expected to overtake the Miatas several times during the race. Surprisingly Rosmar and Mostly Motorsports raced along side each other for the majority of the race though, trading overtakes between different drivers throughout the day. 

As the last hour started counting down, Rosmar stood 2nd and 3rd with a tight gap on first place. Mostly Motorsport was alone in 2nd but with almost a lap down they would need a late caution or hiccup by 1st place to give them the checkered. Final few laps to go, Rosmar enters Turn 9 only a few feet from the bumper in front of them, the pressure was clearly felt by the 1st place driver as he hung wide and connected with the wall leaving Rosmar just enough room to squeeze by and take the lead. The pits erupted as the entire Rosmar team was watching via the live view display onboard. All the teams then rushed the wall at the finish line to cheer on their cars as the checkered flag waved. 

Rosmar took home 1st and 2nd, Mostly Motorsport 2nd as they could not find the ground to catch the Miata that led their class. A successful race weekend for both teams with great results at the Glen for Champ Car!

Amelia Island Road Trip - May 2021

What do you do when a buddy asks if you'd like to road trip down to Amelia Island for Werks Reunion in his 1983 Porsche 911SC...? As you can see the question had only one answer for SRM. Stephen Landau of ImagineLuminaries had been traveling down to Amelia over the last few years, bringing his 911 and all the art work he sells during his time at the events over the course of the long weekend. With just enough room for myself, my camera bag and a tote for clothes we began our trip leaving Long Island, NY early Monday morning the week of the events. Accompanied by Stephen's friends, Lou and Lev, sporting a new Porsche Taycan 4S were both on return adventures to Amelia. On top of the standard journey, we were tasked with gathering footage that Stephen could later put together each day for the PCA and he had a few exciting stops for us along the way. 

Our first day we set the pace for the trip as the Taycan was unknown territory for long travel until this point for Lou. As we made out way south we detoured slightly to visit PCA Headquarters, where Vu gave us a tour of the facility. Having a greater appreciation for the videos we'd take part in making and seeing the reach they would have we were even more excited about our trip. We reached North Carolina that evening and had figured out the 911 only had to stop twice compared to the Taycan's three. We also learned how big the 911's gas tank was, holding a massive 23 gallons! 

Day two consisted of many more miles, a stop at South of the Border and a late night introduction to the legend that is, Jim Goodlett. Beers and car talk until 2:30am with Jim, who might I add we had not met in person until this evening, graciously had us spend the night at his beautiful estate. No shortage of work and play, he offered to give us a photo tour around Savannah, GA the following morning at 5am too. Remember that first question I had asked, you already know the answer we had for him then. As you can see Jim is a wildman and his Slideways energy had us grinning from ear to ear. Without a doubt my favorite stop on the trip, it wouldn't be the last time we saw Jim either. 

Thursday, our first day waking up on Amelia Island had a later with no more miles to take down. Our sights were set on the recently re-opened Brumos Collection not far from Amelia Island. If I couldn't see any actual racing on this trip I was more than happy to see some of the sports greatest Porsches to compete. 917, 962, 959, 911RSR and everything else in between, it's an absolute Porsche motorsport oasis, this stop is highly recommended. Before ending the night we stopped at Stephen and Lou's favorite car wash to prep the cars for the next morning's Werks Reunion show.